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Organising an event, no matter how simple it might be, can be a pretty stressful, exhausting and most often than not, a thankless job. Dashing Events will help ease all your worries.

Dashing Events is a professional Event Management Company in Sri Lanka specialising in organizing various events ranging from product launches, wedding planning, press conferences, awards ceremonies, cocktails, conferences, corporate training programmes, kiddies parties, corporate get-togethers and so much more.

So the next time you're on the lookout for an event or wedding planner in Sri Lanka, look no further than Dashing Events. True to our company name, all events and programmes organised by Dashing Events are Energetic, Spirited, Lively, Showy and very very STYLISH!

Biz Quiz 2013

Biz Quiz 2013

Dashing Events presents Biz Quiz 2013. Sri Lanka's first-ever quiz competition organized exclusively for the Mercantile Sector. 5 Rounds, 50 Questions, 5 Members per team.

Wedding Planning

Renowned for Wedding Planning in Sri Lanka, Dashing Events will take care of your wedding from the initial planning stages right until you leave on your honeymoon!









Corporate Training

Dashing Events - Training Sri Lanka

Having recognised a growing need for quality training programmes in Sri Lanka, Dashing Events will help you unleash your true potential with our tailor-made programmes.



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Dashing Events handles a wide variety of parties including Birthday Parties, Get-Togethers, Surprise Parties, Christmas Parties and so much more.
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Dashing [dash-ing]

- adjective

  1. energetic and spirited; lively
  2. showy; stylish

(Source - www.dictionary.com)



We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dashing Events for its warm services rendered to us in our wedding ceremony, and wish Dashing Events great success with all its past, current and future customers.

Harinda and Yuri
Saitama, Japan


"A big thank you goes out to Dashing Events. It was a well organized and thought-out event which was a benchmark to the Sri Lankan BPO industry"

Sonjiev Mathiaparanam
Marketing Manager - PR Wire


"I would like to thank Dashing Events for the really excellent job done in organising our Regional Kiddies' Parties and Get-togethers in Kandy, Koggala and Colombo"

Wishan Perera - Vice President
Seylan Bank Sports Club


"It really wasn't easy organizing our wedding, especially when both of us were in two different countries. But thanks to Dashing Events everything was smoothly organised and the wedding was indeed a fairytale one!"

Vindya & Meesh (USA)